Empowering Amazon Authors To Quickly And Conveniently Change Prices And Increase Rankings

Every Amazon author needs this app…

Are you an Amazon author looking to increase sales?

Maybe you'd like to rank higher than you've ever ranked before?

AutoKDP is here to help boost your experience as an Amazon seller and transform the way you view Amazon.

The fastest way to improve rankings and sales is to change your book price. But there is just one problem…

Amazon has made it extremely time consuming to change prices - especially if you have many books available. AutoKDP solves this problem by letting you effortlessly change prices with a few simple clicks.

You can change the price of your entire collection in just a few short minutes - rather than days the old fashion way.

Change the price up or down based on your wants and enjoy, as more and more sales come in. You see, every time your book changes prices, Amazon shows it to more people.

You can now get free traffic and exposure with the help of AutoKDP! Long gone are the days of struggling to generate sales.

Try out AutoKDP today to start saving time and energy while reaping massive results! Click the button below to get started.

We’ve made this extension to be as simple and seamless as possible.

Here’s how it works:

1. Simply sign up using your exsiting google account

2. Subscribe with Stripe in order – This is required to ensure you can access the app

3. Here you can see both Reprice Books and Manage Subscription

3.1. With Reprice Books you can choose either ALL your books or Select/Deselect indivdule books

3.2. Once selcted simply input the new price you wish

3.3. In Manage Subscription you can see your next billing date and here you can choose to unsubscribe

4. Once you added a price just click on reprice and that’s it – You are done!

5. If at anytime you wish to stop the process you can tab on the stop and the app will no longer update.

The app works in the backgroung. You can contuine to carry out your daily task without any interference. Depending on the volume of books you have choosen to reprice will depend on how long it takes however, you can check in at anytime and you will be shown completed


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$ 29.99 USD / lifetime
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